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Our Vision.

Our "Vision" is one of corpse disposal.

We "envision" one of our associate undertakers (Trevor Gunston, MBA) waiting until nightfall then chucking the corpse on the back of his ute, driving out to the quarry (see picture above) and then dumping the dead cunt under some of that rubble in the picture up there.

Another Solution.

Gravel can also cover up a dead cunt.

As you can see in the photograph above, gravel has a finer texture than rubble.

Gravel burial charges will be reflected in your final bill.

In summary, whether it's rubble or gravel, we here at Gunston Undertaking offer a full range of burial services.

Budget Option

There is one further VERY AFFORDABLE burial option on offer here at Gunston Undertakers.

It involves the tailgate on Trevor's ute, that very steep slope in the picture above, the cloak of darkness and gravity.



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